We’re Africa’s First Fintech Agency. Why Agency? Because it takes an entire ecosystem to get payment products live in a very complex African landscape. We’re, however, the single point of contact, entry, deployment & growth.

The best part? We’re African & female, building for Africa, and the lives of it’s people.

We’re the Ultimate Payments Plug.

If you’re looking for experts in the non-bank payment vertical to support your Go-To-Market, expansion and growth strategy, then your needs align with Scale’s purpose.

Whether it is for partnership strategies, navigating the local context of the African market, defining your fit-for-purpose-market-consumer- commercials-product pricing, selecting, assessing and negotiating partnership agreements, solution rollout, finding a bank BIN sponsor. Or, if you simply need a single end-to-end tech stack that issues a Visa or MasterCard, comes BIN sponsor ready with a quick rollout.

We’re the team that supports you.



“We shorten the time to market, and speed to revenue for a fintech.”

Scale is a people first business, that care about creating impact and taking fast action, in order to overcome fintech barriers in Africa. We build and implement the Go-To-Market and Speed-To-Revenue strategies of fintechs in Africa using our skills, expertise and our solution & technical stack to achieve quick onboarding and product launch.

Our tech stack is named, “SOIL”- Scale’s Orchestration Issuing Layer. More specifically, we act as the conduit between fintechs and the enabling ecosystem required to launch, scale and commercialize products, overcoming the fintech death curve, and remain on track to attracting investment in to the continent.


Africa’s most valued — our people. Access to payment use cases across the continent, enhances the daily lives of people. Even if it makes an experience 1% better.


Scale is purpose-led. We’re driving impact within the industry we serve and the payment solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the market.


Less sales pitching, more action.
Let’s get things done, and quickly.


We provide a project management team, specializing in open loop product deployment. You focus on your business, we do the work:

  • Visa and Mastercard card issuance
    • Virtual
    • Physical
    • Digital
  • Visa and Mastercard acceptance
    • QR
    • Tokenisation
    • Online acceptance
    • POS acceptance
  • Visa and Mastercard remittance, P2P, Wallet Top Ups and aggregator relationships
  • Closed loop products and service project management is available, if needed


Digital content marketing is not going anywhere. We’ll give you the best digital content that educates your target audience on the value of your products and why they should use it. We do this on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok- meeting customers where they are. You focus on the Speed-To-Revenue.

  • Media as a service:
    • Utilise our content creation and digital strategy teams to differentiate your business from the competition


  • One day, we’ll look back and say “Mama Africa, we made it” – Future service. By future, we mean, in 12- 18 months, we’ll unlock small tranche funding to remove your barriers for growth.
  • We focus on enabling. You focus on aligning with the right investor.


You focus on your core business, we’ll focus on your end to end payment strategy.

We don’t just identify your partners, guide you commercials, and inform you of best practice. We step and negotiate and close sustainable partnerships on your behalf.

  • BIN Sponsorship
  • Product expansion
  • Market expansion
  • Regulatory
  • Brand and communication
  • Diverse talent
  • Partnerships, enablers & negotiation
  • Pricing & profitability
  • Technical infrastructure
  • AI
  • Credit
  • Lending
  • Impact (Social Responsibility initiatives)